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SAN ANDREAS FAULT EXPLORER - 3 hour Hummer Adventure

Internet Special: $149 Adults - reg $169 ; Children (under 16) $119



This is our 3 hour adventure into the mystical Canyons of the San Andreas Fault at sunset so we can watch the rocks turn gold, red and orange in the last light.

We will take you far from where you can go on your own - on a goldmine trail that follows the Big Horn to where you will encounter some of the oldest canyons on the planet - over 2 billion years old. That is the same age as the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Here you will see historic gold mining areas and enter a place time has forgotten.

We take you higher into the Canyons of the San Andreas Fault then other local tours with our special equipment and permits. This let's you travel with us far from the noise and confusion of the city.

This tour picks up from most hotels and from our main pickup location.


What is included?

Palm Springs Tours 5 star The 3rd largest Oasis in the world
We are the only daily eco-tour that takes you to this amazing place. Here we visit the actual cabin of the first settler in a famous oasis called the 1000 Palms Oasis . Here we offer a 30 minute eco walk with your guide to learn of the Cahuilla Indian history here. Lots of wildlife to be seen. You can even walk over the San Andreas Fault here by a bridge that crosses the very crack. Here water gurgles out to allow this paradise in the desert to exist.

Palm Springs Tours 5 star Canyons of the San Andreas Fault
Our tours can climb into the Canyons of the San Andreas where most other tours must turn around. 
With our special permits and equipment we are allowed to travel into  Berdoo Canyon. Here we enter what is called the "transition zone" by geologists. This place is where we often encounter the elusive Big Horn Sheep on our tours. These canyons contain some of the oldest rocks in the country in an area where the North American plate is literally crunching up against the rest of the United States. It's geology is colorful and breathtaking. Don't miss seeing it.

Palm Springs Tours 5 starComplimentary pickups at most hotels . See pick up locations.

Palm Springs Tours 5 starSnack, water and all entrance fees .

Palm Springs Tours 5 starAN H-1 open air military Hummer - The VERY BEST vehicle . We go where H2 Hummers and Jeeps dare not go.

Joshua Tree Hummer Tour


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Complimentary pickups from many hotels. See our pick up locations.


UPGRADE TO THE 5 HOUR DELUXE Joshua Tree Adventure . It includes a San Andreas Fault tour of the Oasis and then continues to Joshua Tree on a 4 wheel drive adventure to Summit Point. Click here to go there.

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